About BiI

BiI ERP-PDM is now under development

  • Further development of SAP-PDM while retaining existing functionality
  • Straightforward integration into other ERP systems
  • A powerful serial number generator based on BiI SWSNG

BiI SAP-PDM is a powerful and lightweight solution for

  • the automatic bidirectional synchronisation of data between PDM and SAP
  • the guaranteed data consistency of the data in BiI's responsibility
  • the management of BOMs from CADs not supported by the PDM
  • the management of neutral formats (DWG, DXF, PDF...) outside the vault
  • the automatic providing of data, e.g. neutral formats, inside SAP
  • the even more simple integration of the PDM into existing systems

is a powerful and lightweight solution for the automatic

  • creation of products and their variants in CAD
  • creation of 3D models and drawings
  • creation of neutral formats in 3D/2D
  • creation and managing BOMs
  • managing of configured products

BiI SWPAW is a powerful and lightweight solution for

  • the development of add-ins in any programming language supported by Windows
  • the rapid development of add-in prototypes
  • the control of the authorisations for add-in execution
  • the integration of existing programmes and solutions into PDM

BiI SWSNG is a lightweight solution for

  • the automated number assignment for new parts in a multi-user environment
  • the use of any number ranges in any folder strucures
  • using the automatic number assignment directly from the CAD system
  • eliminating the limitations of PDM number generators

About Me

Often, software systems that are not compatible with each other, are used. There is great potential for optimisation in order to reduce the resulting costs permanently. For this reason, in the last few years I have specialised in the administration and customising of ERP, CAD and PDM systems, the development of interfaces for data exchange and tools to efficiency increase.

Based on my professional experience as an administrator, programmer, engineer, production planner and mechanic, I have the understanding of cross-departmental workflows and the resulting needs for process optimisation. With this knowledge and my programming skills, I am able to realise specific software tools for process optimisation in record time.

My software and programming skills
Virtualisation VMware, Microsoft Azure
Administration Windows-Server, SQL-Server, SolidWorks CAD/PDM, SAP Business One/beas
Programming languages C#, T-SQL, VB, VBA, VBS, AHK
API programming SolidWorks CAD/PDM, SAP Business One, Microsoft Office
VBA programming SolidWorks CAD/PDM, MS-Excel, MS-Project
CAD SolidWorks, Unigraphics NX, ThinkDesign, AutoCAD
CAM WorkNC, MasterCAM, HyperMill
CNC controls DIN, Heidenhain TNC


BiI ERP-PDM V0.7.0

  • Managing BOMs in PDM from any CAD system, even if the CAD is not supported by the PDM
  • Managing CAD neutral formats (DWG, DXF, PDF...) outside the vault on a file server
  • Managing PDM configurations as items in ERP
  • Synchronisation can be restricted to defined PDM workflow status
  • Managing of PDM assemblies in ERP as a purchase part without a BOM if the BOM is not needed
  • Default PDM values ​​for data transfer to ERP
  • Number ranges in unique n:m relationships
  • Using of SolidWorks BOMs
  • Support of multilingual translation in ERP
  • Implementation of all tables, stored procedures, functions, settings etc. into the BiI database
  • Source code based on SAP-PDM V0.6.0

BiI SAP-PDM V0.6.0

Equivalent to BiI ERP-PDM plus
  • Configurator to easily create and customise BiI
  • Integrated web server

BiI SWPAW V0.2.0

BiI SWSNG V0.2.0

BiI VBADC V0.1.0

BiI SWPAW V0.2.0

The source code of the SolidWorks PDM Add-In Wrapper is now available on GitHub.

BiI SWSNG V0.2.0

The source code of the SolidWorks Serial No. Generator is now available on GitHub .

BiI VBADC V0.1.0

The source code of the SolidWorks Serial No. Generator is now available on GitHub .