Bi-directional Integration

PDM-ERP Integration is a powerful and lightweight solution for

  • The automatic bidirectional data synchronisation between PDM and ERP
  • The guaranteed data consistency of the data in BiI's responsibility
  • The management of CAD systems not supported by PDM is possible, e.g. Zucken E3.series
  • The merging of different design BOMs before transfer from PDM to ERP
  • The using of Kanban items
  • The management of CAD neutral formats (DWG, DXF, PDF...) outside the vault on a file server
  • The management of PDM assemblies in ERP as a purchase item without a BOM if the BOM is not needed
  • Additional tools can be implemented as needed...

Calculated PDM BOMs as well as CAD BOMs can be used.

The interface is based on a SQL database, which is extended by a PDM Add-in. All transactions are stored in the database to guarantee traceability.

In order to separate master data maintenance between the departments, authorisations can be assigned to specific departments. This ensures that changing data records without authorisation is impossible, as the data is checked before each storing. The checks can be quickly and easily adapted to new or existing specifications.

PDM-ERP Integration can communicate either directly with the ERP via API or via text files. In both cases, feedback is requested before an action is considered as successful or failed.

The PDM-ERP integration uses the Serial No. Generator to create item numbers automatically. Number ranges in unique n:m relationships are possible. This makes manual intervention in the creating of new articles unnecessary.