Bi-directional Integration

Let me say in advance that I enjoy working on all my projects. But this one was really fun for me.

Automatic Document Entry is a powerful and lightweight solution for

  • The automatic creation of invoices, orders, delivery notes, etc. from PDF
  • The further processing of PDF information in third-party programmes

Automatic Document Entry is a collection of different components, either open source or free. Some of these components are SQL Server Express, WSL, Poppler, AutoHotkey and Batch. With these components it is quite easy to develop a tool like this.

The system is based on an SQL Server, in this case it is the free express version of Microsoft. Poppler is a brilliant tool that does most of the work. Among other things, it can convert PDF files into text files. This is perfect for analysing and processing the files via RegEx. A Windows version is available, but the up-to-date one is always available for Linux. Since the Automatic Document Entry has to run on Windows, WSL comes into play. This allows to run a real Linux system under Windows. This makes it possible to run the latest version on the system at all times. In this case it is Ubuntu.

The GUI for the database administration as well as the default evaluation of the documents are programmed in C#. Specific customisations can be implemented in any scripting language. In this case it is AutoHotkey .

  • Automatic document and business partner recognition
  • Plausibility checks, e.g. the sum of the BOM items must match the final total
  • Transparent documentation and backup of all documents via SQL
  • Easy customisability of data extraction and preparation through any scripting language supported by Windows

An example of a third party programme:
The documents are prepared for the ERP system ABAS and then imported into it in real time via the ABAS REST API.